Allergies occur when your body has a bad reaction to something like a type of food or drink. These can be very serious, and bad allergies can make you ill. So it’s important to know whether you have any.

Specialist doctors can do tests on your body to find out if you have any allergies. They might paint a table on your arm and test each area for a different allergy. They might also test your blood.

If they find that you have an allergy, there are ways to care for yourself to avoid bad reactions. There are medicines to take and support that you can access. There might be special rules to learn, too, but you’ll have lots of help.

In time, you might grow out of your allergy. Doctors can test for that, too, by giving you a controlled amount of whatever your body is allergic to. It’s really important to do this carefully, though, so follow your doctor’s advice!