Day Surgery (Ward 14)

Operations and other procedures can be performed quite quickly. That means that many poorly children don’t even have to stay the night at hospital.

Problems with ears, noses, throats and eyes, as well as some kinds of scans, can be dealt with within a day at hospital. This can be decided in a meeting with a nurse, that takes place a few weeks before your visit to hospital.

When you arrive at hospital for the procedure, a nurse will be ready to meet you and take you to your bed. They might ask you some questions, provide you with a wristband, and ask if you’d rather wear your own pyjamas or a special gown.

During the procedure, you will have an ‘anaesthetic’, a special medicine which sends you to sleep – the doctor who gives you this medicine will come and see you before the procedure.

When you next wake up, you’ll be back in your room – and you’ll be allowed two visitors at that time. Everyone hopes you’ll be able to go home the same day.

Sometimes, an overnight stay is necessary, but it is very rare to need to stay any longer for these types of care.