Hospital Food

While you are in hospital you will be provided with healthy and tasty food. The hospital provides a wide selection of meals for all tastes. There’s also halal, vegetarian, low sugar and other special meals.

For breakfast you will be offered cereals, followed by toast and a drink. If your parent has stopped overnight with you, they will be offered tea and toast, too. For lunch there is a selection of sandwiches such as cheese, tuna, egg, and ham. There’s also Baby Bell cheese, raisins and a choice of fruit.

The evening meal will include a selection of hot meals for you to choose from. The menu varies every day – but examples might be cheesy beef bake, sausages, or jacket potatoes with cheese or tuna. You can also choose a pudding such as jam sponge pudding and custard, or low-sugar rice pudding or jelly.

At supper time there is a trolley that comes around where you can choose a hot chocolate or a milk shake. Twice a day there is a snack trolley that offers milkshake, Biscuits and fruit.

As you can see there is a lot of food on offer throughout the day and if you have any extra requirements you can speak to your nurse who can speak to our catering department.