6 -10 years

If you feel sad, scared or are worried about something, no matter how big or how small, it can really help if you talk to someone about it-please don’t be afraid to ask for help!!

Children of your age may at some point experience bullying. Bullying can happen to anyone at anytime, anywhere-even at school or at home. Children have described bullying as being called names, being teased, being pushed/pulled about, having rumours spread about them, being humiliated, left out, hit or kicked and/or being threatened.

Talk to an adult you trust and feel comfortable with such as a family member, a friend, a school teacher or your school nurse, or you could ring Childline on 0800 1111 or the NSPCC  on 0800 808 5000 for free at any time day or night.

You could also go online to:

If you are a parent who Is worried your child may be being bullied, reassure them that the bullying is not their fault, listen to them without getting angry or upset and never dismiss the bullying. Speak with a teacher at their school as soon as possible for advice and support; the school will have their own anti-bullying policy they must work in accordance with. To spot the signs of bullying look out for bruises, broken or missing possessions, your child becoming withdrawn – not talking, or spending more time alone, changes in your child’s eating habits, changes in their behaviour – becoming aggressive at home, sleeping badly, complaining of headaches or stomach aches, wetting the bed, worrying about going to school and/or suddenly doing less well at school