Day Surgery (Ward 14)

If you need to have an operation to get better, very often you can just go to hospital for the day.

Everyone wants your time at hospital to be as short and easy as it can be. Nurses and doctors work together to make you feel at home.

Poorly eyes, noses, ears and other problems can be made better in a short time. You will have a meeting with a nurse who can decide how long you’ll need to be in hospital.

When you arrive for your day at hospital, a nurse will meet you. She will ask a few questions, give you a wristband, and check your temperature. She can also give you a special gown, if you’d like one.

You’ll be put to sleep while the doctor works on making you better. When you wake up, your family will be in your room to see you! The nurse will still be there, too.

You’ll then be able to leave hospital very quickly, hopefully without spending the night. You can then get better at home.